Artistic places to see on Thailand Tour Packages

Known to be the jewel of South-East Asia, Thailand has now developed enough bestowing comforts along with adventure. Along with those mystic and gushing beaches, people on Thailand Tour Package should also check out trekking through the mysterious mountains and engaging forests and its Thai cuisine. Other than that, explorers who love travelling to new places will never get disappointed with various attractions that Thailand has to offer. Majorly known as the Land of White Elephants, Thailand is one place with bustling cities like Chaing Mai and Bangkok.

Check out the picturesque places on Thailand Tour Packages.

Erawan Falls

Also known as the Land of Smiles, Thailand offers you a scenic experience of Erawan Falls located within the Erawan National Park on an area of 220 square miles.

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Known to be the most beautiful and famous waterfalls of Thailand, Erawan Falls is just ideal for the people who want to experience swimming in the picturesque pond on their Thailand Tour Package. According to the Hindu Mythology, the word ‘erawan’ means a three-headed white elephant.

Ao Nang

Known to be the center for those long boat tours heading towards Ko Poda, Ko Hong and Ko Gai, the limestone beaches, Ao Nang is a resort designed town in the southern provincial area of Krabi.

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Previously known as Ao Phra Nang, backpackers from all over the world consider Ao Nang as the most perfect destination during their Thailand Packages. According to the dictionary, Ao Nang means the ‘Princess Bay’; it has become more famous for its affordable and awesome local food delicacies and accommodation.

Hua Hin Beach

An eye-arresting beautiful resort located on the seaside of the Thai Gulf, Hua Hin Beach was previously known for its quiet fishing village, which has now become well-known for both natives and tourists of Thailand.

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Popular for rafting, jet-skiing, kite-surfing, and other water sports, Hua Hin Beach is an irresistible getaway with a string of posh restaurants, hotels and those heavenly stunning seafood shacks. Apart from this, do not forget to check out the golf courses and other markets out there on your Thailand Tour Package where you can possess funky jewelry and dresses.


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