Top 4 Tourist Destinations To Visit in South East Asia Region

As a traveller, whether you travel for business or leisure, the best thing is to start with the home country and then plan your visit to the next horizon. IF you have already covered most of the top locations within your country then it is time you explore the options in the South East Asia region. There are so many exciting places in the South East Asia which is easy to travel within budget and make the best of your tour. In order to give you the glimpse of the most attractive locations within your reach, we have listed the countries based on their popularity and traveller reviews. You can consider this list before choosing your Singapore tour packages or any package within Asia.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand


Most of the people feel that Thailand is a location where bachelors and partyholics will be more interested and aptly served. However, we would like to prove this common notion incorrect, as there are several other places in Thailand where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. The Chiang Mai is a similar location where you can take break from the hectic pace of life and relax at the pleasant northern capital of Thailand. The city of Chiag Mai is famous for the temples and orange robed monks. Take break from the city life, spend time with your family, visit the local temples and learn the facts of life. Some of the best festivals and sprawling night markets in Chiag Mai will make your tour worth visiting this place.

2. Penang, Malaysia


Penang is also known as the ‘pearl of the orient’, it is a place where you can spend quality time with your family and friends watching the natural scenic beauty of the Malay islands. With the diverse population settled in Malaysia, you have the benefit of enjoying different types of cuisines at one place. Soak your mind, body and soul in the natural scenic beauty and enjoy the moments of life in Penang.

3. Singapore


Known as the city of modern world, this city has been progressing speedily compared to other countries in the world. The city which became independent in 1965 has very speedily developed its economy, country and overall infrastructure. In fact it has surprised some of the other countries in the South East Asia region with its development. People are considering Singapore as a case study for developing their country. Located within the Malay islands, Singapore is also blessed with the most beautiful natural scenic beauty like Malaysia and Thailand. In fact when you choose your Singapore tour packages from mumbai, you can also plan to visit other two locations which are nearby Singapore.

4. Seim Reap, Cambodia

Day 115 | Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

If you are interested in history, ancient architecture, civilization and heritage sites then you will fall in love with Seim Reap in Cambodia. Most of the heritage sites in Seim Reap are 900 years old and UNESCO world heritage sites. The temples, jungles and ancient buildings are sign of oldest civilization in the world.

These are some of the best and cheapest tourist locations which you can consider to plan individually or along with the Singapore tour package. Share your experience and keep us posted!


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