4 Fun-filled Places to visit on a family holiday to Singapore Malaysia

Singapore and Malaysia are considered to be two of the most marvelous holiday destinations in the continent of Asia. Filled with great tourist spots and beauty as well, the search ends here for someone who is looking forward to a family vacation. When on a holiday, the traveler should forget all his worries and just focus on enjoying himself. In order to do so, just book a Singapore Malaysia packages from Mumbai and leave behind all your troubles at home. A planned trip is better to avoid chaos and last minute problems. Especially while traveling with a family, a smoother trip is preferable. Therefore enjoy the marvelous places of Singapore and Malaysia which we have handpicked specially for you.universal-studios

Universal Studios, Singapore : Just the name of this place is enough to increase the excitement levels of the entire family, be it children or their grandparents. The Universal Studios is a splendid theme park with the essence of the most popular movies till date. It is also Southeast Asia’s first Hollywood movie theme park. This theme park offers an alluring collection of entertainment options to choose from; be it rides for entertainment or the thrill-seekers. A Singapore Malaysia package is absolutely incomplete without a visit to this park. Out of the 24 move themed rides in this park, 18 of them were specially designed for this park in Singapore. The seven movie-themed zones are each designed in a unique way.duck-tour-singapore

Duck Tour, Singapore : In order to enjoy the real essence of Singapore, a Duck Tour is the ideal solution in such a case. The tourists are taken around the city in an attractive bus which has a duck face painted on it that adds to its appeal. This bus shows the famous tourist spots of the city, gets in touch with the traditional culture of the place and also takes one to the best eateries in town. One of the major attractions in the Singapore Malaysia packages from Mumbai is the night tour taken in this bus. With an open air seating and Singapore fully lit up to enhance its beauty, the night tour is an absolute treat to experience.gunung-mulu-national-park-malaysia

Gunung Mulu National Park, Malaysia : This national park is mainly famous for its extraordinary limestone karst formations and one-of-its-kind cave systems which would simply blow off anyone’s mind. This park is also considered one of the most mind-blowing natural attractions in all of Southeast Asia. It is placed in the Malaysian Borneo in the Sarawak state. This national park has some of the longest and largest cave systems in the entire world. It also has the world’s largest chamber which is known as the Sarawak Chamber. It is assumed that this chamber is so large that it can hold even an aircraft.penang-island-malaysia

Penang Island, Malaysia : This beautiful island is also fondly referred to as the Pearl of Orient in Malaysia. As the name suggests, this island is known for its serene as well as spectacular beauty. It is a great combination of the old and new civilizations in this place. The Penang Island is one of the very few places which has preserved its traditional history, architecture and culture which enhances its beauty without disturbing the modernity of the place. It is the ideal choice for a laid back vacation on the Singapore Malaysia packages from Mumbai.

The author of this article, Mangalika, is personally very fond of family holidays and indulging in fun-filled travel with her loved ones. She believed that Singapore and Malaysia are great places for that.