Bali: The top 5 places to visit in this beautiful island

There are so many things about a particular place that make it popular. Sometimes these things are simply small things and at times really big. Well Bali is an Indonesian island that is famous as a travel destination for so many small and big things. Be it the amazing food, the laid-back atmosphere or the exotic climate, Bali has some kind of magic, which attracts travelers from around the world to come and fall in love with it. If you are someone who enjoys exploring new places and want to set off on a lovely holiday then this could be your perfect destination. Planning a Bali trip is very convenient with the help of wonderful Bali tour packages that are easily available.

This is a destination known for its natural beauty and cultural. Bali is extremely diverse and has a lot to offer. From tropical forests and forested mountains to iconic paddy fields and lovely beaches, Bali has the some of the finest gifts of nature. These serene attractions are sights you would love to experience. Also this place has a rich heritage and indeed a unique culture. Bali’s temples are sure to impress you with their charm. With so much to offer, it is but difficult for a person to not enjoy Bali tour packages.

The choices for places to visit in Bali are many. Out of all the wonderful places to explore, here are the top 5 places you can look forward to visiting when in Bali.


Tanah Lot:
One the most popular of the Hindu temples in Bali, Tanah lot is a beautiful temple situated on a large rock. It is one of the 7 sea temples that are situated one after the other to form a chain. This place is easily accessible and interesting to visit.

Lovina is a famous spot in Bali for snorkeling and adventures like scuba diving. It has a 5-mile long beach and is also very popular for its black volcanic sand. Lovina’s calm sea is also ideal for swimming and family hang out. It would be fun to include this place on Bali tour packages.

Mount Batur:
Located at one of the most dramatic landscapes in Bali, Mount Batur is sometimes an active volcano. It stands tall with a height of 1,717 meters but it isn’t the highest point in Bali. Mount Batur consists of several villages, craters and a lake. A visit here would be nice and watching the sunrise is a popular activity here.

Kuta Beach:
The Kuta Beach is a very beautiful and attractive destination in Bali. It used to be a sleepy village at some point but has now become a frequently visited destination in the island. This place is known for its bubbling nightlife and is also a great spot for surfing. Bali tour packages would be fun with a visit here.

Ubud is considered to be the heart of Bali’s culture. This extremely serene destination would allow you to come close to nature and enjoy the experience of the lifestyle of Bali. You can explore the museum here and have a look at the arts, crafts and culture of this lovely island.

Plan well and make the best of your trip. Something like Bali tour packages from Mumbai flamingo can be a nice help to you.

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See The Best of Malaysia with Malaysia Tour Packages

malaysia-visit-asias-magical-destination-with-flamingoIf you are in Malaysia and if you haven’t had what Malaysia serves you the best then you are surely on the receiving end. Though, Malaysia Tour Packages just ensures that you get the best in Malaysia you can always have time to explore the place even more beautifully and you can enjoy even more. So here is a look, Malaysia Tour Packages has some exciting offers and you can always see the best of Malaysia and all that it has in store for you,so why not be in the place which says out loud, “truly asia”. Here you will find all the amazing places of Malaysia which is ready to swoo you over :

Cameron Highlands :


Cameron Highlands is one of the best highland retreats that you can ever ask for and also you can be sure that this spot is not disappointing you by any chances and be ready to simply have your eyes turned on to the very best. The daytime and the nighttime temperatures here are just next to pleasant and you can find and spot all various kinds of fruits and vegetations which will make you go awe-struck to all means and levels. The township of the Camerons is located there and that calls for an amazing place to be at.

Sunway Lagoon Themepark :

sunway-lagoon-selangor-wp-hotel-2Sunway Lagoon Themepark just takes the level of adventure and highlight of Malaysia to an experience that is even more amazing and awesome, for there is so much to this place that you are going to explore and find and take the fun to a formidable level. This themepark is divided into three parts where each part is just as significant as the other part and is ready to let your mind be swirling around in the vast adventures that it puts up for you to feel rejoiced.

Kinabulu National Park :


Kota Kinabulu as it is called is perhaps one of the finest and the most adventurous places to be at when you are in Malaysia as it unfolds something that you might have never seen before. Located as the Unesco first world heritage site, Kinabulu National Park is by all ways and means perhaps the best that you can always think of, therefore Kinabulu National Park is more than what you can expect it out to be and the adventure that it unfolds and the experience that it gives is beyond comparison to any other thing.

Celebrate this Navratri in the Beauty of Krabi

Enjoy this Navratri in Krabi on the coast of Andaman in Southern Thailand, is one of the most picturesque and beautiful provinces, which have exotic beaches and mind blowing scenery. The province of Krabi is known for its natural beauty which is marked by the limestone that is scattered all over the place. It has a coastline of 160 km with numerous bays, Limestone Mountains, caves. Overall, it presents a fascinating picture of the nature. If you are looking to enjoy the sea and want to spend your vacation on some of the exotic beaches, then Krabi should be your destination. Refer to the Krabi tour packages for more details.

Attractions in Krabi Province


When you are in Krabi, you would have numerous places to visit and a great number of things to do. Here is a brief overview:

  • Hot Springs of Krabi: Also known as Klong Thom, the hot springs are soothing and therapeutic. On the smooth and soft stones, a hot tub has been crafted where the water comes from the thermal springs which are located in the volcanic chambers. The temperature of the water ranges between 35 to 40 degrees and consists of mineral salts which is said to be very effective for curing different kinds of ailments.
  • Fossil Shell Beach of Krabi: Also known by the name of Sussan Hoi, is located at a distance of 17 km from the town of Krabi. It is an ancient “graveyard” which contains fossil shells. This is one of the must-visit spots on your trip to Krabi.
  • Krabi Caves: There are numerous caves which can be seen along the coastline. Many of these caves have wonderful stalagmites, stalactites, and crystal formation. These caves are the spots for worships for the locals. They are something that adores on the beauty of your trip to Krabi.
  • Krabi National Park: If you are looking to experience some wildlife on this trip, then the Krabi National Park has everything to offer. Here you can spend a couple of hours in peace and tranquility.

Apart from these, there are many other spots for tourist attraction, which are available in Krabi. Refer to the Thailand tour for more details.

Christmas Vacations – Highlight With Fascinating And Unique Singapore Tour

Getting bored of regular work schedule and planning to celebrate the approaching Christmas in a joyful and unforgettable way is the dream of every person. Right! To fulfill it visiting a top destination or a group of islands with full of attractions is a perfect choice. Let us make this Christmas special by planning a trip to Singapore and Malaysia and celebrating Christmas Eve in a finer way of the year 2016.

Tin-mining town, Kaula Lumpur


At present, this quiet tin-mining place in Malaysia is a vibrant city noted for its striking skyscrapers, dining and buzzing views of shopping. Book Singapore Malaysia tour from Mumbai to step on this land and make it a romantic trip of the year. Click your images on the Christmas Eve of the famous Petronas towers, a striking building that attracts most of the tourists all the time. Enjoy safe journey and transport system that let you explore the city with a great sightseeing.

Archipelago of 99 islands – Langkawi


Located near the Malaysia’s Northwestern coast in the Andaman sea, Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands that boast the picturesque beaches, mangroves, forest clad peaks and rainforest. Its popularity and lovely climate has attracted many tourists increasing facilities that offer an opportunity to feel the incomparable natural beauty of the island. Visit and feel joyful and safe at this lovely place!

Singapore night safari- get close to wildlife


Go on board on an adventurous journey through the most amazing and world’s first wildlife night part which takes you right from the Himalayan foothills to the Wild equatorial Africa. Book Singapore Malaysia tour from Mumbai to get closer to the tigers, lions, tapirs and other wildlife as a memorable experience. Enjoy 40-minute journey all round the park and view more than 1000 animals in different geographical area and share with your colleagues as a good trip to the place.

National icon – Marina Bay


Marina Bay – a top business center in Singapore is a favorite point of every tourist due to landmarks and interesting architectural structure, picturesque skyline and humongous Ferris wheel popular as Singapore flyer. From food to visit to the landmarks, enjoy the Chinese culture and make it your favorite destination to visit in every holiday and vacation point of time.

Singapore History Museum


Abode in an elegant and impressive National Museum building, this museum explores the rich heritage of the people of the Singapore and familiar for its natural archeology and ethnology collection. If you are a great admirer of history, then get deep into the rich heritage of Singapore and add the visit like a golden page in your collection of world tours.

Happy Christmas celebrations 2016!

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Jeetendra is an engineer who, after busy work he always plans a trip to a beautiful place. Saving a good amount of money for the trip, he booked Singapore Malaysia tour from Mumbai, to refresh mind and body from the tired and hectic workouts. Enjoying beautiful and memorable days, he shares the experience to let you make your eve memorable this season!

Scandinavia: A region, which is undoubtedly one of the nicest places to travel to

Nature has really been extremely kind and generous with us to have given us so many beautiful places to visit in this amazing world that we live in isn’t it? If you are in agreement with this point then you ought to be a traveler yourself. Traveling is something that makes a lot of memories in life and we learn, live and experience so many different things from our travels. In a world that has so much to explore, there is in Europe a region called Scandinavia, which is undoubtedly one of the nicest places to travel to and with good Scandinavia tour packages, you can indeed plan a great trip.

Europe’s Scandinavian region consists of countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden. If you are looking forward to taking a fun filled holiday then this is a perfect destination to head to. It has tremendous beauty and serenity. Scandinavia is one of the most attractive tourist destinations not just in Europe but also around the world. Travelers from around the world love good Scandinavia tour packages.

Well when you visit Scandinavia, you will have plenty of options to choose from for places worth exploring and enjoying. From the long list, here is a recommendation for you.

Experience Northern Lights, Norway:


Known also as the Aurora Borealis, Northern lights, in Norway is a beautiful and a unique destination in Scandinavia. It is considered to be the closest to the magnetic poles of the planet. The Auroras are seen illuminating the horizon toward the pole. It gives a greenish glow to the horizon and also at times a reddish glow. This view is incredible and a visit to this place would be a wonderful thing to do. You are sure to enjoy this experience and it would make your trip memorable. The ideal time to visit this destination would be after summer season when the sky is covered with a plethora of colors. Time spent here would make Scandinavia tours worth it.

There are various other interesting destinations in Sweden and Denmark that you can look forward to visiting. Plan your trip nicely. Something like the Scandinavia tour packages from flamingo can be a good help to you.

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Enjoy Culture with Nature at Bali, a treat for the soul

Bali is a beautiful holiday destination which is a part of Indonesia. It is situated on the Coral Triangle which has the highest variety of marine species in the world. The coral reefs surrounding this island offer a spectacular sight to the tourist. On one hand Bali is known for its surfing and ancient temples whereas on the other hand it also has active volcanoes and lush jungles. This place is an amalgamation of rich culture with great physical attributes. The option of a Bali Tour Packages from Mumbai is the perfect way to relish this stunning destination. The followed places of Bali should definitely be explored:

1. Tegallalang Rice Terraces:


Famous for its beautiful scenery of rice paddies, the Tegallalang Rice Terraces is situated in Ubud. Here one can also find the “subuk” which is a traditional Balinese cooperative irrigation system which was passed down by a revered holy man named Rsi Markandeya in the eighth century. This rice terrace has the three most splendid terraced landscapes in this region. Here one can find an extraordinary variety of ornamental woodwork and intricate carvings. This ancient valley has a timeless feel to it.

2. Ubud Monkey Forest:


Also known as the sacred monkey forest of Padangtegal, this is a natural forest sanctuary which is home to a great variety of monkeys. A community-based management program has kept this site well preserved. This forest is situated near the Ubud Town Centre due to which it’s just a walk away from all the guesthouses and resorts. One can watch playful monkeys in their natural habitat, swinging through canopies or feeding on bananas. This natural site also offers a cool walk along paved pathways through a leafy nutmeg forest. One can also find ancient temples covered with moss at different spots in this forest. Over here, research is regularly carried out to observe the monkeys’ health, diet and breeding habits.

3. Ubud Art Market:


The Ubud Art Market is locally referred to as the “Pasar Seni Ubud”. It is located opposite the Puri Saren Royal Ubud Palace and is open every day. Here one can find lightweight shirts, baskets, beautiful silk scarves, hats, statues, handmade woven bags, kites and many other hand-made items. These products are made in the neighboring villages of Pengosekan, Tegallalang, Payangan and Peliatan.

4. Bali Safari and Marine Park:


Established in 2007, this park is the island’s largest and most visited animal theme parks. It covers over 40 hectares of land in the Gianyar regency. Over 60 species of animals reside here; all of these are free to roam in the large enclosures provided which are replicas of their natural habitat. One can enjoy this safari in a modified safari tram or even a bus. Animals of Indonesia, Africa and India can be found here.

Thailand Tour: One of the most unique travel destinations

Has it ever felt exciting to immerse yourself into the atmosphere and environment of a new destination, which you have never before been to? Well if it does then surely you do love to travel and traveling is indeed one of the nicest things we can do in life. It gives us a lot to remember and cherish isn’t it? In this beautiful world there is a country called Thailand, which is one of the most unique travel destinations in this world. It is a great option to consider and is easy to plan a trip here as you have many good options for Thailand tour packages from Mumbai that are available.

Here is this very vibrant, energetic and colorful country where there is so much to be explored and experienced. Probably Thailand has something that can be found only in this country and it would be amazing to set off to live those moments and make some lovely memories. Thailand has a lot from Serene forests, beaches and islands to beautiful villages, towns and villages. With so much to offer, Travelers would enjoy Thailand tour packages from Mumbai for sure.

The number of interesting things to do and places to visit is many when in Thailand packages. Out of all of great options available to you, here is a suggestion on something you can do.

Experience the Elephant Nature Park:


One of the unique things in this country, Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park is indeed a very interesting place to visit. Situated in Chiang Mai, this is a rescue and rehabilitation park for elephants. Over time this park has become one of the best elephant sanctuaries in the world. Over here the elephants are free to move around, bathe and interact with the guests. Travelers can also learn a lot more about elephants at this park and can feed, bathe them as well. A visit here on Thailand tour packages from Mumbai would be fun.

This is not it. You can look forward to visiting the many other lovely places in Thailand. Plan your trip effectively and choose wisely from suitable packages.

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Harsh is a photographer who has shared helpful tips for planning Thailand tour package from Mumbai.