Top Four Restaurant to Eat in Malaysia

Malaysia is a place that holds a distinguishable amount of happiness if one looks to it and Malaysia Tour Packages is just the right thing that can make a person give the urge to travel to Malaysia. Well, everything is not only about Malaysia and the people or its culture. The food is one great thing which always makes this place even more better and the classy restaurants which give the food tasting an experience that you can never  forget or is hard to imagine.

Afterall, what calls for an awesome food alongside good food. Malaysia has got some amazing places where you can simply dine in and find the best of food with your families and friends. Malaysia Tour Packages gives an insight into some of the best restaurants that Malaysia has in store for you :

Malaysia Tour Packages

The Point Restaurant & Bar : The service here is just impeccable and the taste of the items that are served here are of top notch quality. The menu here changes everyday,apart from that you will also be in love with the way the food is presented here. Let alone all of that, once you enter into this restaurant you are surely going to be taken over by the smell of the food and the aura that it creates. The Point Restaurant is also known for the impeccable service that it generates and for the best of services that it has been providing for a long time now which has helped in gaining the trust of the people there.

Malaysia Tour PackagesSkillet At 163 : Great food, great service, great venue, all of these when they are combined together they form the Skillet At 163 which is an experience worth taking over and an experience where you should have the best food. This is more of a place wherein you can go ahead for a honeymoon dinner with your partner and feel butterflies all over. The warm hospitality and the good food are perhaps some of those things which makes this place worthy of visit over and over again.

Malaysia Tour PackagesThe Steakhouse : It is said that no matter what portions of food you take in here , you are going to thoroughly eat them and complete them. The food is that soulful here and that is what makes The SteakHouse as “the” place to be at. With super well-cooked meat, precious appetizers, fantastic wine & especially whisky choice, you cannot ask for more as it is enough to make you fall weak on your knees. So, if you are really looking ahead to spoil yourselves over steakfood here is your chance to do it in a better way.

Malaysia Tour PackagesOpium KL : Serving one of the best meals in Kuala Lumpur, Opium KL will by all ways and means not fail to amuse you by the service that it unfolds and giving a reputation as it is treating you king size. You can also partake in their drinks which is yet another reason to cherish your hearts out, served in little pots. Opium KL has got all that you are looking for and apart from that Opium KL has pretty classy interiors as well.

The author of this article is Vishal who is a foodie and a traveler and believes that the restaurants in Malaysia are just too good and so is the food so one should go ahead and avail the Malaysia Tour Packages as Malaysia Tour Packages gives you the best of things in Malayia.


See The Best of Malaysia with Malaysia Tour Packages

malaysia-visit-asias-magical-destination-with-flamingoIf you are in Malaysia and if you haven’t had what Malaysia serves you the best then you are surely on the receiving end. Though, Malaysia Tour Packages just ensures that you get the best in Malaysia you can always have time to explore the place even more beautifully and you can enjoy even more. So here is a look, Malaysia Tour Packages has some exciting offers and you can always see the best of Malaysia and all that it has in store for you,so why not be in the place which says out loud, “truly asia”. Here you will find all the amazing places of Malaysia which is ready to swoo you over :

Cameron Highlands :


Cameron Highlands is one of the best highland retreats that you can ever ask for and also you can be sure that this spot is not disappointing you by any chances and be ready to simply have your eyes turned on to the very best. The daytime and the nighttime temperatures here are just next to pleasant and you can find and spot all various kinds of fruits and vegetations which will make you go awe-struck to all means and levels. The township of the Camerons is located there and that calls for an amazing place to be at.

Sunway Lagoon Themepark :

sunway-lagoon-selangor-wp-hotel-2Sunway Lagoon Themepark just takes the level of adventure and highlight of Malaysia to an experience that is even more amazing and awesome, for there is so much to this place that you are going to explore and find and take the fun to a formidable level. This themepark is divided into three parts where each part is just as significant as the other part and is ready to let your mind be swirling around in the vast adventures that it puts up for you to feel rejoiced.

Kinabulu National Park :


Kota Kinabulu as it is called is perhaps one of the finest and the most adventurous places to be at when you are in Malaysia as it unfolds something that you might have never seen before. Located as the Unesco first world heritage site, Kinabulu National Park is by all ways and means perhaps the best that you can always think of, therefore Kinabulu National Park is more than what you can expect it out to be and the adventure that it unfolds and the experience that it gives is beyond comparison to any other thing.

Malaysia: The Sprawling Asian Travel Destination

Malaysia Tour - Discover The Beauty of Malaysia by Cruise

Fun is something we all look for isn’t it? Traveling is one thing, which sure gives us a lot of fun and in the amazing world that we live in; there are so many wonderful travel destinations. Amongst the many choices you can make, the sprawling Asian country Malaysia is indeed a great option. There is a lot you can make from a trip to such a beautiful place. You can make new friends, new memories and live new experiences. With proper planning you can plan a really nice Malaysia tour packages.

Malaysia is a destination, which offers countless attractions to its visitors. There is so much you can explore in the beautiful country and there is something over here for every kind of visitor. This country has a good blend of Asian as well as a bit of European culture. You will find in Malaysia how nicely and peacefully, different cultures, religions and customs exist together. This is a country that would be awarded the first place if there were awards to be given for diversity in countries. With so much to offer, a good Malaysia tour package is sure to be fun.

Malaysia is divided into mainly two parts. One part is the West Malaysia and another across the South China Sea is the East Malaysia. There are a lot of options on places to visit in Malaysia. From the long list, here is a recommendation for you.

Cameron Highlands

One of the oldest tourist attractions in Malaysia, the Cameron Highlands in the Titiwangsa Mountains are one of the best sights you can have. This amazing landmark is sure to give you a cool escape from heat in the lowlands. This place offers a lot of greenery and has really serene forests, lakes and an amazing wildlife. It also has a great outdoor recreation and is an ideal place to unwind. There are also tea gardens and flower farms that are open to public. This place would make the Malaysia tour packages refreshing.

Apart from this, you can look forward to visiting many other serene destinations in the country. You must plan well and choose from the places, which suite you the best. Spend the time available to you wisely and make the best of your trip.

In order to plan well, you can even use something like a Malaysia tour package from flamingo to help you plan better.