Singapore Malaysia: The lands of diversity with beauty

The two holiday destinations, Singapore and Malaysia, seem to be a perfect combination for an ideal and memorable holiday. This is because these places have the components needed for making a trip an extravagant one. And with the Singapore Malaysia packages from Mumbai, this trip is not only a beautiful one but also a luxurious one at the same time. Singapore and Malaysia offer unending beauty which pleases the eyes. Along with the natural beauty all around, it also has a modern touch of the sky scrapers. It has the essence of mystical places with a modernized touch to it. Let’s have a look at some of the places to explore on a Singapore Malaysia package.

Singapore Malaysia Packages from MumbaiBuddha Tooth Relic Temple, Singapore : Chinese people have a tendency to build numerous temples as it’s their way of showing their devotion towards the gods and goddesses. But the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is way better than the rest of the usual temples. Originally in the 1980s, a proposal for the construction of a temple in Singapore’s Chinatown was made. This temple was supposed to be more traditional than the rest. Later on it became the Tooth Relic Temple, which is a home for the tooth relic of Buddha. This temple also features artifacts and culture of other Singaporean Buddhists.

Singapore Malaysia Packages from MumbaiNight Safari, Singapore : One of the highlights of the Singapore Malaysia packages from Mumbai is this night safari. Some people particularly want to enjoy the night life of the place they visit, but Singapore will give a unique experience in its night life. It is the world’s first safari park especially for nocturnal animals. This park was opened in 1994 and has won numerous awards till date. It has more than 1.1 million visitors per year. The experience of the night safari stands out in comparison to other safaris as people from all over the world can witness more than 2,500 animals in their natural nighttime habits. One could take a tram journey to observe animals from the vehicle or could also go along the walking trails to see them better and closer.

Singapore Malaysia Packages from Mumbai

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia : Due to the tropical climate of Malaysia, it can get hot once in a while. To avoid this heat, the Cameron Highlands is one of the oldest tourist destinations over here and also provide a cool, pleasing climate to the traveler. This tableland has lush forests, scenery, wildlife, lakes, and also outdoor recreation.

Singapore Malaysia Packages from MumbaiKota Kinabalu, Malaysia : This destination has gained immense popularity over the period of time due to its close proximity to national parks, wildlife refuges, rain forests, and tropical islands. It also has Malaysia’s tallest peak, Mount Kinabalu in this region. The author of this article, Mangalika, looks forward to a trip to Singapore Malaysia packages from Mumbai as it offers a variety of holiday destinations like no other place.


Christmas Vacations – Highlight With Fascinating And Unique Singapore Tour

Getting bored of regular work schedule and planning to celebrate the approaching Christmas in a joyful and unforgettable way is the dream of every person. Right! To fulfill it visiting a top destination or a group of islands with full of attractions is a perfect choice. Let us make this Christmas special by planning a trip to Singapore and Malaysia and celebrating Christmas Eve in a finer way of the year 2016.

Tin-mining town, Kaula Lumpur


At present, this quiet tin-mining place in Malaysia is a vibrant city noted for its striking skyscrapers, dining and buzzing views of shopping. Book Singapore Malaysia tour from Mumbai to step on this land and make it a romantic trip of the year. Click your images on the Christmas Eve of the famous Petronas towers, a striking building that attracts most of the tourists all the time. Enjoy safe journey and transport system that let you explore the city with a great sightseeing.

Archipelago of 99 islands – Langkawi


Located near the Malaysia’s Northwestern coast in the Andaman sea, Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands that boast the picturesque beaches, mangroves, forest clad peaks and rainforest. Its popularity and lovely climate has attracted many tourists increasing facilities that offer an opportunity to feel the incomparable natural beauty of the island. Visit and feel joyful and safe at this lovely place!

Singapore night safari- get close to wildlife


Go on board on an adventurous journey through the most amazing and world’s first wildlife night part which takes you right from the Himalayan foothills to the Wild equatorial Africa. Book Singapore Malaysia tour from Mumbai to get closer to the tigers, lions, tapirs and other wildlife as a memorable experience. Enjoy 40-minute journey all round the park and view more than 1000 animals in different geographical area and share with your colleagues as a good trip to the place.

National icon – Marina Bay


Marina Bay – a top business center in Singapore is a favorite point of every tourist due to landmarks and interesting architectural structure, picturesque skyline and humongous Ferris wheel popular as Singapore flyer. From food to visit to the landmarks, enjoy the Chinese culture and make it your favorite destination to visit in every holiday and vacation point of time.

Singapore History Museum


Abode in an elegant and impressive National Museum building, this museum explores the rich heritage of the people of the Singapore and familiar for its natural archeology and ethnology collection. If you are a great admirer of history, then get deep into the rich heritage of Singapore and add the visit like a golden page in your collection of world tours.

Happy Christmas celebrations 2016!

Author Bio 

Jeetendra is an engineer who, after busy work he always plans a trip to a beautiful place. Saving a good amount of money for the trip, he booked Singapore Malaysia tour from Mumbai, to refresh mind and body from the tired and hectic workouts. Enjoying beautiful and memorable days, he shares the experience to let you make your eve memorable this season!