Thailand: 4 places you would love visiting in this country

Has the thought ever come to your find to explore a different kind of place, an energetic and colorful place? If yes then you sure have Thailand as an amazing choice that suits perfectly well as a place with these traits. This Asian wonder is indeed a lovely country and if you are keen on setting off for a holiday this festive season, Thailand is the place for you. With the many wonderful packages that are available these days, you can easily plan a great Thailand tour packages.

What can be better then a nice trip on which you can relax, explore and enjoy to the fullest and Thailand as a destination would let you do exactly that. So be in no doubt when it comes to how much of fun you can have when over here. This place has something for every type of traveler and the list of places to visit and things to do on a Thailand tour is indeed a long one.

From beautiful beaches to the lovely islands and cities, there are plenty of interesting destinations to visit in the country. From all of them here are some of the top 4 places you would love to visit.



Bangkok a city you sure have heard of is the capital of Thailand. This internationally popular destination is a great place with a lot of attractions. From the nightlife to the temples there is a lot in store for you.


Pai is a small village but is now turning into one the most attractive tourist spots in Thailand. It is a place with immense serenity and beauty. You can relax here or go on an adventure. A visit here would make your Thailand tour very mesmerizing.

Chiang Mai:

Chiang Mai is another of the popular tourist places within Thailand. It can be used as the base to further enjoy and experience lush green landscapes, other adventures and hills nearby.


Unique destinations are always interesting and that is why Thailand’s Railay is one of the nicest places to explore when in this country. It is accessible only by boat and is covered with huge lime stone cliffs. A visit here on your Thailand tour is a must.

What you need to do is make good plans, go to places you feel attracted to and make the most of your Thailand tour.

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Celebrate this Navratri in the Beauty of Krabi

Enjoy this Navratri in Krabi on the coast of Andaman in Southern Thailand, is one of the most picturesque and beautiful provinces, which have exotic beaches and mind blowing scenery. The province of Krabi is known for its natural beauty which is marked by the limestone that is scattered all over the place. It has a coastline of 160 km with numerous bays, Limestone Mountains, caves. Overall, it presents a fascinating picture of the nature. If you are looking to enjoy the sea and want to spend your vacation on some of the exotic beaches, then Krabi should be your destination. Refer to the Krabi tour packages for more details.

Attractions in Krabi Province


When you are in Krabi, you would have numerous places to visit and a great number of things to do. Here is a brief overview:

  • Hot Springs of Krabi: Also known as Klong Thom, the hot springs are soothing and therapeutic. On the smooth and soft stones, a hot tub has been crafted where the water comes from the thermal springs which are located in the volcanic chambers. The temperature of the water ranges between 35 to 40 degrees and consists of mineral salts which is said to be very effective for curing different kinds of ailments.
  • Fossil Shell Beach of Krabi: Also known by the name of Sussan Hoi, is located at a distance of 17 km from the town of Krabi. It is an ancient “graveyard” which contains fossil shells. This is one of the must-visit spots on your trip to Krabi.
  • Krabi Caves: There are numerous caves which can be seen along the coastline. Many of these caves have wonderful stalagmites, stalactites, and crystal formation. These caves are the spots for worships for the locals. They are something that adores on the beauty of your trip to Krabi.
  • Krabi National Park: If you are looking to experience some wildlife on this trip, then the Krabi National Park has everything to offer. Here you can spend a couple of hours in peace and tranquility.

Apart from these, there are many other spots for tourist attraction, which are available in Krabi. Refer to the Thailand tour for more details.

Thailand tour packages – Best places to take back things for your near and dear ones

Thailand ranges from the best of natural locations to the best place that you can ever be at. Right from the calm beaches and islands to the narrow streets, the shopping areas, every little thing about Thailand is not only of visual attraction but is something which acts as a therapy to the soul who is wandering or serves up to the ones who have just bag-packed and are in need of a vacation while there are some exotic locations which are perfect for the couples. So, Thailand is one place which is fit not only for one age group but caters to the age-group of one and all. You have to be in Thailand to experience what Thailand is all about and that is the reason where Thailand Tour Packages does justice to the tourists by providing them with some awesome packages. Thailand Tour Packages must be availed before you have stepped to Thailand as it is surely going to make your trip even more happening. Here are some of the famous market places of Thailand which you need to be at,because people will always look for gifts once you are back home.


SUNDAY WALKING STREET : Make your way down to the Sunday Walking Street on a lazy Sunday afternoon and indulge yourself into the wide array of things that are laid out in front of your eyes which might soon get vanished because of the number of people who throng on this street. Right from the eatables which are large in number and will suit your taste bud are the famous street food which need to be tried. You can also make way to the stalls if you want to take back some home decor materials along with you which are just unique and are official trademark Thailand things. Walking down this street you are going to be spoiled for choice by the large number of things that are there. The market provides a very good income for the people who sit with their stalls.

MBK CENTER : After this mall underwent a renovation it came in the top attraction in Bangkok. This eight floor shopping mall is abuzz with the localities. You are going to find some top brands here as this mall is as beautiful inside as it looks from outside. Right from the best of men’s and women’s wear to any other thing that you might be looking ahead to , this place is the place where you can find it. Keeping aside the people who stay here even a major part of the tourists who come to visit Thailand Holiday Package do not miss out on the chance to be at MBK center as it is a center of attraction for them as well.

SATURDAY WALKING STREETS : Just like the Sunday Walking street even this place is very much popular for all the things that it beholds and for the large number of people who usually come here in search of something better at cheaper rates. The Saturday Walking Street takes over as soon as the sun sets in, and the evening takes a toll over the people and the country. You are surely not going to find an inch to move from here to there. The products of daily chores and the antic products are the ones which you are going to find here to take back to your home.

STUDIO NAENNA : This studio is one of the finest studios which are not like the other studios that you are going to find anywhere in the world. The colours of the mountains have been woven in the fabric that is used here which presents some natural colours which are appealing and also good in the quality making it a unique clothing for the people to dress themselves up in a more natural way. The production process is live and you can always partake in the process to see all of this done in front of your eyes.

Author’s Bio : Vishal who is the author of this article is a traveler and a foodie and wishes to explore each and every market of Thailand. Thailand Tour Package From Ahmedabad is a perfect way to set off on an awesome trip as Thailand Land Packages adds beauty to this trip.

Thailand Tour To Visit The UNESCO Heritage Sites

Travel to the east to the Indochina Peninsula to explore some of the tropical beauty of Thailand. Thailand tour can provide you with a luxurious break. The real fun lies in getting out into this delightful destination and experiencing the attractions on your own. Formerly called as Siam, the country is rich and profound as many other place in the world.

Thailand is divided into 76 provinces regulated by a constitutional monarchy, King Rama IX. Tours to the country are often centered around the wide city and capital of Bangkok. But, actually getting out of the largest cities to explore the UNESCO world heritage sites is worth the effort. You must visit the major heritage sites before heading to other ordinary attractions.

Luang Prabang

8589130406738-luang-prabang-laos-landscape-wallpaper-hd (1).jpg

A Thailand tour outside the Bangkok will probably take you to the north, across the border in neighboring Laos to the confluence of the Mekong Rivers and Nam Khan. Luang Prabang is world famous for multitude of Buddha temples and monasteries that you must visit and worship. Accredited as a heritage site by UNESCO in 1995, Luang Prabang is renowned for its beautiful blend of traditional Lao architecture and European styles that has been added in the 19th and 20th centuries. After you visited the 30-plus temples and explored the architecture, you can participate in the alms ceremony that occurs in the early morning, where the devout feed rice to monks. Make a visit to the nearby Bear Rescue Center or take a bathe in the pools at the Kuang Si Falls.

Thungyai – Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuaries


You will be unleashed the more wild and yet-not discovered side of the country! This site has been designed to UNESCO’s world heritage sites in 1991. The place gives you a wonderful chance to see around 77% of the world’s big mammals, such as tigers, elephants and 50% of big birds as well.

The site is located 300 km north of Bangkok and across the Cambodian border. These wildlife sanctuaries let you experience exotic adventure with a well-trained guide.

Historical Park and City of Ayutthaya


This heritage place has been founded by King Ramathibodi I in 1350 in the Valley of Chao Phraya River. This old Ayutthaya city has become the second Siamese capital of Thailand after Sukhothai. A Thailand tour to this heritage location will show you large reliquary towers of the big monasteries, exhibiting the old grandeur of the city. The Burmese tool many years to capture the city during the 18th century, but took just 2 days to destroy it. This has collapsed the Kingdom of Siam. However, the city of Ayutthaya was re-constructed soon, a short distance away.

These are major heritage places to visit and explore in your Thailand tour Package. Locating the most reputed and established tour operator can help you visit these places effortlessly. There are many tour operators working online to choose from. Consider previous customer reviews and word of mouth advertisements before choosing one.