Bali: The top 5 places to visit in this beautiful island

There are so many things about a particular place that make it popular. Sometimes these things are simply small things and at times really big. Well Bali is an Indonesian island that is famous as a travel destination for so many small and big things. Be it the amazing food, the laid-back atmosphere or the exotic climate, Bali has some kind of magic, which attracts travelers from around the world to come and fall in love with it. If you are someone who enjoys exploring new places and want to set off on a lovely holiday then this could be your perfect destination. Planning a Bali trip is very convenient with the help of wonderful Bali tour packages that are easily available.

This is a destination known for its natural beauty and cultural. Bali is extremely diverse and has a lot to offer. From tropical forests and forested mountains to iconic paddy fields and lovely beaches, Bali has the some of the finest gifts of nature. These serene attractions are sights you would love to experience. Also this place has a rich heritage and indeed a unique culture. Bali’s temples are sure to impress you with their charm. With so much to offer, it is but difficult for a person to not enjoy Bali tour packages.

The choices for places to visit in Bali are many. Out of all the wonderful places to explore, here are the top 5 places you can look forward to visiting when in Bali.


Tanah Lot:
One the most popular of the Hindu temples in Bali, Tanah lot is a beautiful temple situated on a large rock. It is one of the 7 sea temples that are situated one after the other to form a chain. This place is easily accessible and interesting to visit.

Lovina is a famous spot in Bali for snorkeling and adventures like scuba diving. It has a 5-mile long beach and is also very popular for its black volcanic sand. Lovina’s calm sea is also ideal for swimming and family hang out. It would be fun to include this place on Bali tour packages.

Mount Batur:
Located at one of the most dramatic landscapes in Bali, Mount Batur is sometimes an active volcano. It stands tall with a height of 1,717 meters but it isn’t the highest point in Bali. Mount Batur consists of several villages, craters and a lake. A visit here would be nice and watching the sunrise is a popular activity here.

Kuta Beach:
The Kuta Beach is a very beautiful and attractive destination in Bali. It used to be a sleepy village at some point but has now become a frequently visited destination in the island. This place is known for its bubbling nightlife and is also a great spot for surfing. Bali tour packages would be fun with a visit here.

Ubud is considered to be the heart of Bali’s culture. This extremely serene destination would allow you to come close to nature and enjoy the experience of the lifestyle of Bali. You can explore the museum here and have a look at the arts, crafts and culture of this lovely island.

Plan well and make the best of your trip. Something like Bali tour packages from Mumbai flamingo can be a nice help to you.

About the Author:
Harsh has in this post; shared tips that would help plan Bali tour packages.


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