Beautiful islands to visit in Far East Tioman and Rawa

You have a range of small islands in Malaysia. Of all Rawa and Tioman are something to explore about. In spite of the fact Rawa is not yet commercialized, it is a gorgeous island worth a visit. The best part about the island is since it is around 7 hours drive from Singapore, the island have accessibility for people from both Malaysia and Singapore. Tioman also has an advantage of being around 8 hours from Singapore.

This is a common thing seen in Malaysia with so many small islands to offer. There are other beautiful islands to offer with the likes of Perhentian, Pulau, and so on. If opting for Singapore Malaysia packages from mumbai, you need to do a proper share of research from your end, especially for budget travelers, who do not want to go to USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or other costlier destinations. In fact, you will be mesmerized to see spending less on adventure sports activities or beach resorts, compared to above mentioned destinations.

We had a brief discussion on a few worth seeing islands. However, let us have a detailed insight on marvelous islands worth a visit by all.

Singapore Malaysia packages from mumbaiTioman : It is easy to go to Malaysian island Tioman. First take a bus trip to Tanjung Gemuk or Mersing, which is a 6-hour journey. After then you go through a 1.5 hour ferry journey from Tanjung Gemak or Mersing to Tioman. RM 35 is what it costs for these trips. Although there are 3 trips on a daily basis, it can get cancelled as a result of unexpected tidal waves, or not enough passengers on board. It is highly convenient to shop at the ferry terminal wherein there are variety of things on sale such as outfits, beach slippers, drinks, meals, and lot others.

Singapore Malaysia packages from mumbaiRawa : Another fantastic island to check out is Rawa full of seashores that are highly attractive. Just a 30 minute ferry and you can reach Rawa from Mersing. Although not as commercial as Tioman, it is an ideal getaway for a calm and peaceful journey away from the hustle bustle. Peak time sees an increase amount of ferry trips. It starts from April, ending in October. You can book tickets for the ferry at Jalan Abu Bakar in Mersing.

When to travel?

The best time to explore both these islands is based on the weather seen in Singapore. Both these Malaysian islands being near to Singapore, they host the same kind of weather as seen in Singapore. Throughout the day it is 30 degrees Celsius on an average, while at night it is 20 degrees Celsius on an average. Monsoon continues from December until February. Rainy season is the worst time to visit these islands, since you can’t even move out from your hotel room. Additionally you will experience closed transportation making it difficult for you to move about going for sightseeing. We would definitely suggest you to plan a visit from April to October when you will enjoy the best climate for these destinations. They are ideal places for scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming.The wonderful places that you can see and experience of your either Singapore Malaysia packages from mumbai.


4 Spectacular Spots To Explore In Scandinavia


The world is full of amazing places. Some are adventurous while others are scenic. Hence, these aspects invite various backpackers from all over the world. Of course, every holiday adds something or the other to the list of experience. But there are also some other places which compel the tourists to pay back the visit again. One of such places in this regards is Scandinavian region.

Located in Europe, this is one of those most attractive places which tend to captivate every frame of mind. It includes various spots that cannot be missed by a globetrotter. From nature’s glories to man-made astonishments, Scandinavia includes all the facets that you could expect from an ideal holiday destination. Take a look on some of the flabbergasting spots while being on your Scandinavian tours.

Hot Lagoons


On a holiday, while strolling around the place if you wish to relax then there won’t be any better place than Iceland’s geysers. Further, it also includes Blue Lagoon at Reykjavik. You would find some hot water pools. Step into them and it would feel so warm and relaxing that you would hardly like to get out from the water. These pools are open from morning till evening.

Castle Watching


Scandinavia offers some of the most enchanting castles to explore. However, though being so popular, it may take you time to find such castles only if you are visiting there for the first time. Hence, it would be always recommended to be on guided tours to save your time while looking on for these castles. And once done, you will come across some of the biggest castles of Denmark.

Danish Royal Garden


Fed up from the city life? Well, take a halt during your leisure time and visit the beautiful gardens of Denmark. Once visited, you would be charmed with the appearance of these parks. They would offer you the much needed peace and silence. To access a visit to this park, you should visit the Copenhagen area and you would find a retreating act for your day.

Norway Skiing


What’s better than to do skiing during winter? Interesting? If yes then gear up yourself for an adventurous feat during this winter. Norway is famous for its skiing mainly in Lillehammer area. You would find some most spontaneous skiing mountains of the world. Apparently, this spot has also organized 1994 Winter Olympics.

That’s not the end of the list. You could find some more exciting spots during your Scandinavian tours.

Singapore Malaysia: The lands of diversity with beauty

The two holiday destinations, Singapore and Malaysia, seem to be a perfect combination for an ideal and memorable holiday. This is because these places have the components needed for making a trip an extravagant one. And with the Singapore Malaysia packages from Mumbai, this trip is not only a beautiful one but also a luxurious one at the same time. Singapore and Malaysia offer unending beauty which pleases the eyes. Along with the natural beauty all around, it also has a modern touch of the sky scrapers. It has the essence of mystical places with a modernized touch to it. Let’s have a look at some of the places to explore on a Singapore Malaysia package.

Singapore Malaysia Packages from MumbaiBuddha Tooth Relic Temple, Singapore : Chinese people have a tendency to build numerous temples as it’s their way of showing their devotion towards the gods and goddesses. But the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is way better than the rest of the usual temples. Originally in the 1980s, a proposal for the construction of a temple in Singapore’s Chinatown was made. This temple was supposed to be more traditional than the rest. Later on it became the Tooth Relic Temple, which is a home for the tooth relic of Buddha. This temple also features artifacts and culture of other Singaporean Buddhists.

Singapore Malaysia Packages from MumbaiNight Safari, Singapore : One of the highlights of the Singapore Malaysia packages from Mumbai is this night safari. Some people particularly want to enjoy the night life of the place they visit, but Singapore will give a unique experience in its night life. It is the world’s first safari park especially for nocturnal animals. This park was opened in 1994 and has won numerous awards till date. It has more than 1.1 million visitors per year. The experience of the night safari stands out in comparison to other safaris as people from all over the world can witness more than 2,500 animals in their natural nighttime habits. One could take a tram journey to observe animals from the vehicle or could also go along the walking trails to see them better and closer.

Singapore Malaysia Packages from Mumbai

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia : Due to the tropical climate of Malaysia, it can get hot once in a while. To avoid this heat, the Cameron Highlands is one of the oldest tourist destinations over here and also provide a cool, pleasing climate to the traveler. This tableland has lush forests, scenery, wildlife, lakes, and also outdoor recreation.

Singapore Malaysia Packages from MumbaiKota Kinabalu, Malaysia : This destination has gained immense popularity over the period of time due to its close proximity to national parks, wildlife refuges, rain forests, and tropical islands. It also has Malaysia’s tallest peak, Mount Kinabalu in this region. The author of this article, Mangalika, looks forward to a trip to Singapore Malaysia packages from Mumbai as it offers a variety of holiday destinations like no other place.

Thailand: 4 places you would love visiting in this country

Has the thought ever come to your find to explore a different kind of place, an energetic and colorful place? If yes then you sure have Thailand as an amazing choice that suits perfectly well as a place with these traits. This Asian wonder is indeed a lovely country and if you are keen on setting off for a holiday this festive season, Thailand is the place for you. With the many wonderful packages that are available these days, you can easily plan a great Thailand tour packages.

What can be better then a nice trip on which you can relax, explore and enjoy to the fullest and Thailand as a destination would let you do exactly that. So be in no doubt when it comes to how much of fun you can have when over here. This place has something for every type of traveler and the list of places to visit and things to do on a Thailand tour is indeed a long one.

From beautiful beaches to the lovely islands and cities, there are plenty of interesting destinations to visit in the country. From all of them here are some of the top 4 places you would love to visit.



Bangkok a city you sure have heard of is the capital of Thailand. This internationally popular destination is a great place with a lot of attractions. From the nightlife to the temples there is a lot in store for you.


Pai is a small village but is now turning into one the most attractive tourist spots in Thailand. It is a place with immense serenity and beauty. You can relax here or go on an adventure. A visit here would make your Thailand tour very mesmerizing.

Chiang Mai:

Chiang Mai is another of the popular tourist places within Thailand. It can be used as the base to further enjoy and experience lush green landscapes, other adventures and hills nearby.


Unique destinations are always interesting and that is why Thailand’s Railay is one of the nicest places to explore when in this country. It is accessible only by boat and is covered with huge lime stone cliffs. A visit here on your Thailand tour is a must.

What you need to do is make good plans, go to places you feel attracted to and make the most of your Thailand tour.

About the Author:

Natasha, a blogger has in this post shared tips useful for planning a good Thailand packages.

4 Fun-filled Places to visit on a family holiday to Singapore Malaysia

Singapore and Malaysia are considered to be two of the most marvelous holiday destinations in the continent of Asia. Filled with great tourist spots and beauty as well, the search ends here for someone who is looking forward to a family vacation. When on a holiday, the traveler should forget all his worries and just focus on enjoying himself. In order to do so, just book a Singapore Malaysia packages from Mumbai and leave behind all your troubles at home. A planned trip is better to avoid chaos and last minute problems. Especially while traveling with a family, a smoother trip is preferable. Therefore enjoy the marvelous places of Singapore and Malaysia which we have handpicked specially for you.universal-studios

Universal Studios, Singapore : Just the name of this place is enough to increase the excitement levels of the entire family, be it children or their grandparents. The Universal Studios is a splendid theme park with the essence of the most popular movies till date. It is also Southeast Asia’s first Hollywood movie theme park. This theme park offers an alluring collection of entertainment options to choose from; be it rides for entertainment or the thrill-seekers. A Singapore Malaysia package is absolutely incomplete without a visit to this park. Out of the 24 move themed rides in this park, 18 of them were specially designed for this park in Singapore. The seven movie-themed zones are each designed in a unique

Duck Tour, Singapore : In order to enjoy the real essence of Singapore, a Duck Tour is the ideal solution in such a case. The tourists are taken around the city in an attractive bus which has a duck face painted on it that adds to its appeal. This bus shows the famous tourist spots of the city, gets in touch with the traditional culture of the place and also takes one to the best eateries in town. One of the major attractions in the Singapore Malaysia packages from Mumbai is the night tour taken in this bus. With an open air seating and Singapore fully lit up to enhance its beauty, the night tour is an absolute treat to experience.gunung-mulu-national-park-malaysia

Gunung Mulu National Park, Malaysia : This national park is mainly famous for its extraordinary limestone karst formations and one-of-its-kind cave systems which would simply blow off anyone’s mind. This park is also considered one of the most mind-blowing natural attractions in all of Southeast Asia. It is placed in the Malaysian Borneo in the Sarawak state. This national park has some of the longest and largest cave systems in the entire world. It also has the world’s largest chamber which is known as the Sarawak Chamber. It is assumed that this chamber is so large that it can hold even an aircraft.penang-island-malaysia

Penang Island, Malaysia : This beautiful island is also fondly referred to as the Pearl of Orient in Malaysia. As the name suggests, this island is known for its serene as well as spectacular beauty. It is a great combination of the old and new civilizations in this place. The Penang Island is one of the very few places which has preserved its traditional history, architecture and culture which enhances its beauty without disturbing the modernity of the place. It is the ideal choice for a laid back vacation on the Singapore Malaysia packages from Mumbai.

The author of this article, Mangalika, is personally very fond of family holidays and indulging in fun-filled travel with her loved ones. She believed that Singapore and Malaysia are great places for that.

Top Four Restaurant to Eat in Malaysia

Malaysia is a place that holds a distinguishable amount of happiness if one looks to it and Malaysia Tour Packages is just the right thing that can make a person give the urge to travel to Malaysia. Well, everything is not only about Malaysia and the people or its culture. The food is one great thing which always makes this place even more better and the classy restaurants which give the food tasting an experience that you can never  forget or is hard to imagine.

Afterall, what calls for an awesome food alongside good food. Malaysia has got some amazing places where you can simply dine in and find the best of food with your families and friends. Malaysia Tour Packages gives an insight into some of the best restaurants that Malaysia has in store for you :

Malaysia Tour Packages

The Point Restaurant & Bar : The service here is just impeccable and the taste of the items that are served here are of top notch quality. The menu here changes everyday,apart from that you will also be in love with the way the food is presented here. Let alone all of that, once you enter into this restaurant you are surely going to be taken over by the smell of the food and the aura that it creates. The Point Restaurant is also known for the impeccable service that it generates and for the best of services that it has been providing for a long time now which has helped in gaining the trust of the people there.

Malaysia Tour PackagesSkillet At 163 : Great food, great service, great venue, all of these when they are combined together they form the Skillet At 163 which is an experience worth taking over and an experience where you should have the best food. This is more of a place wherein you can go ahead for a honeymoon dinner with your partner and feel butterflies all over. The warm hospitality and the good food are perhaps some of those things which makes this place worthy of visit over and over again.

Malaysia Tour PackagesThe Steakhouse : It is said that no matter what portions of food you take in here , you are going to thoroughly eat them and complete them. The food is that soulful here and that is what makes The SteakHouse as “the” place to be at. With super well-cooked meat, precious appetizers, fantastic wine & especially whisky choice, you cannot ask for more as it is enough to make you fall weak on your knees. So, if you are really looking ahead to spoil yourselves over steakfood here is your chance to do it in a better way.

Malaysia Tour PackagesOpium KL : Serving one of the best meals in Kuala Lumpur, Opium KL will by all ways and means not fail to amuse you by the service that it unfolds and giving a reputation as it is treating you king size. You can also partake in their drinks which is yet another reason to cherish your hearts out, served in little pots. Opium KL has got all that you are looking for and apart from that Opium KL has pretty classy interiors as well.

The author of this article is Vishal who is a foodie and a traveler and believes that the restaurants in Malaysia are just too good and so is the food so one should go ahead and avail the Malaysia Tour Packages as Malaysia Tour Packages gives you the best of things in Malayia.

Top 4 Tourist Destinations To Visit in South East Asia Region

As a traveller, whether you travel for business or leisure, the best thing is to start with the home country and then plan your visit to the next horizon. IF you have already covered most of the top locations within your country then it is time you explore the options in the South East Asia region. There are so many exciting places in the South East Asia which is easy to travel within budget and make the best of your tour. In order to give you the glimpse of the most attractive locations within your reach, we have listed the countries based on their popularity and traveller reviews. You can consider this list before choosing your Singapore tour packages or any package within Asia.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand


Most of the people feel that Thailand is a location where bachelors and partyholics will be more interested and aptly served. However, we would like to prove this common notion incorrect, as there are several other places in Thailand where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. The Chiang Mai is a similar location where you can take break from the hectic pace of life and relax at the pleasant northern capital of Thailand. The city of Chiag Mai is famous for the temples and orange robed monks. Take break from the city life, spend time with your family, visit the local temples and learn the facts of life. Some of the best festivals and sprawling night markets in Chiag Mai will make your tour worth visiting this place.

2. Penang, Malaysia


Penang is also known as the ‘pearl of the orient’, it is a place where you can spend quality time with your family and friends watching the natural scenic beauty of the Malay islands. With the diverse population settled in Malaysia, you have the benefit of enjoying different types of cuisines at one place. Soak your mind, body and soul in the natural scenic beauty and enjoy the moments of life in Penang.

3. Singapore


Known as the city of modern world, this city has been progressing speedily compared to other countries in the world. The city which became independent in 1965 has very speedily developed its economy, country and overall infrastructure. In fact it has surprised some of the other countries in the South East Asia region with its development. People are considering Singapore as a case study for developing their country. Located within the Malay islands, Singapore is also blessed with the most beautiful natural scenic beauty like Malaysia and Thailand. In fact when you choose your Singapore tour packages from mumbai, you can also plan to visit other two locations which are nearby Singapore.

4. Seim Reap, Cambodia

Day 115 | Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

If you are interested in history, ancient architecture, civilization and heritage sites then you will fall in love with Seim Reap in Cambodia. Most of the heritage sites in Seim Reap are 900 years old and UNESCO world heritage sites. The temples, jungles and ancient buildings are sign of oldest civilization in the world.

These are some of the best and cheapest tourist locations which you can consider to plan individually or along with the Singapore tour package. Share your experience and keep us posted!